Our Own Life Lessons….?!

After one of our recent posts, 21 Life Lessons, I thought it might be a good idea for us to create our own list of life lessons….

I started this on a journey back from West Cork and I would love if some of our followers would contribute their own life lessons as comments beneath…. Here we go!

1. Always have a pen in your bag (and an umbrella if you live in Ireland like us!)
2. Always say goodbye. Leave things on a positive note because, well, you just never know…..
3. Always say thank you. Even if people aren’t that friendly when they serve you in a shop.. Be nice and be grateful!
4. Make time for your parents, you wouldn’t be here without them!
5. Stick to the speed limit – an €80 fine and penalty points just aren’t worth it!
6. Understand that no matter what the situation, it will never be as bad as you think it will be!
7. Hug it out! Hugs are amazing things….share them!
8. Be grateful for everything – practice gratitude!!!!
9. Say hi to strangers!
10. Never turn down the opportunity to dance!
11. Take photos!
12. Have a happy box – full of souvenirs, photos, homemade CDs, etc that remind you of really happy times!
13. Appreciate the little things!
14. Be patient
15. Be practical
16. Learn how to meditate and do so daily.
17. Do something that scares you every now and then!
18. Pay someone a compliment each day. No need to be fake about it, but if you notice their handbag is gorgeous, why not tell them?
19. Try to have one, or even two, cash free days a week, and save for something special!

(the rest is up to you…!)

CB x