Gratitude Journal (CB)

A page that is literally a list of all I am thankful for.
This will hopefully be updated daily!


I am grateful for….

  1. The amazing weather we are having in Ireland at the moment (23/4/13)
  2. This blog – always puts a smile on my face
  3. The people that take the time to read this blog, like posts, and follow us! We are so grateful to you all!
  4. Bedtime! There comes a time in adult life where your bed is like a mini sanctuary!
  5. The abundance of money that comes to me. I am always receiving more and more!
  6. Both our families – both are crazy in different ways, both are amazing in special ways x
  7. Both our dogs – again, both are crazy in different ways, both are amazing in special ways!!
  8. Our brothers! Where would we be without them! If they’re in Australia or next door, they still mean the world to us!
  9. Work. It might not be easy, it might not be fun, but we are sooooo lucky to have work in such difficult economic times.
  10. The Law of Attraction – it has changed our lives!
  11. Having an attitude of gratitude! Two simple words “thank you” can put you on such  a high! 🙂
  12. Scented candles because they somehow make me feel special!
  13. Having my own room in a hectic household!
  14. Knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of me right now.
  15. Getting to spend time with kids on a regular basis, they make life seem so much more fun and exciting!
  16. How seeing my best friend or even just hearing her voice puts me in the most amazing, uplifted mood!
  17. Being at the stage where I realise almost immediately that my mood isn’t great and then make such an effort to get onto a happier frequency!
  18. Every mistake I’ve ever made, because I wouldn’t be who I am without them!
  19. My Little Miss Sunshine mug that I bought today, making me smile when I’m drinking tea! 🙂
  20. Having my prep done for work nice and early today!
  21. For my brother literally saving my ass today with a financial issue. Seriously so grateful to him right now.
  22. For not panicking. For staying calm and not allowing the overflow of adrenaline get the better of me.
  23. For coming so far that I am now able to control my anxiety and panic attacks.
  24. Knowing that there is always someone to turn to
  25. When something amazing happens and you can’t stop smiling even when you try really really hard!
  26. Cherry blossom trees
  27. Tulips
  28. Seeing someone you love but never really get to see enough
  29. Aunts and Uncles because they are so kind and so loving
  30. Having a secret that remains a secret
  31. When you look at something and it reminds you of someone else and you start smiling – ultimately looking like a crazy woman who’s looking at a bracelet, cushion, or something else really obscure!
  32. Deodorant – because we’d all be quite smelly without it!
  33. Shampoo that smells amazing! My favourite is the one in the picture below… you know those really over the top herbal essences adverts where they’re all way too excited about the shampoo?! That’s how much I love this one!
  34. Looking out my window! I love it! I really want a house with window seats because I could stare out the window all day! (not in a stalker/creepy sort of way… I love the trees and the sky!)
  35. Singing out songs from musicals in the car with CR at the absolute top of my lungs. So loud that people we drive by seem to be getting a fright! (I didn’t think I was such a bad singer!) The looks were hilarious!
  36. Mismatched socks
  37. Having half days on Wednesdays!
  38. The fact that I am consciously being more active lately!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal (CB)

  1. I would like to comment on number 34. I feel that you should be more honest especially when it concerns your gratitude journal because we all know that when you are looking out your window, you are hoping to see the boy who lives at the bottom of the hill 😉

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