Gratitude Journal (CR)

“No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, the magic of gratitude will change your entire life!” 

  1. How one simple phone call to CB can put a smile on my face for the day ♫  “Lonely……. I am so lonelyyyyyyy” ♫
  2. That a lovely man just called into work and gave me free tickets to the circus next week, have not been to the circus in years, should be fun!!
  3. So grateful for enjoying my lovely cup of coffee, in my lovely little miss sunshine cup, courtesy of CB!
  4. So grateful for animal bars, my favourite chocolate by far! ♥
  5. For the beautiful day today!! Sun is shining! Happy Happy Happy 🙂
  6. For our cocktail nights, nothing better than a night in with my one and only, mountains of food and cocktails! Although the Tommy Tippie spoons made the night 😉
  7. I am grateful for this gorgeous weather we are having!! Makes me so happy! Also puts everyone in a good mood!
  8. For a certain sexy Kerry man, who’s text messages instantly put a smile on my face! (how freaky he just text me as I was writing this! Spooooooky!!)
  9. For my new AUSSIE Shampoo, my hair is frizz free and feels amazing!!! Worked wonders on my frizz ball head! Also love the smell!!!
  10. So so grateful that Alan just called into work with a lovely burger from O’ Crualaoi’s, on the one day I forgot my lunch!! The Secret working its wonders once again!!

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