Eternal Youth?

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Forget numbers and don’t imitate others

Hectic lifestyles and competitive environment have pushed us to a level where we focus solely on numbers. The race to achieve targets, be it age, height, weight or workplace goals should not hamper our personal happiness. The first and foremost key is to avoid the number game and be our own self. We need to move ahead with a carefree mind, work to our full potential and not try to be something that we are not.

Meditation and deep breathing techniques can have a positive impact on our minds. Awareness of our own breath, aids in harnessing the power of inner consciousness. This triggers the intuitive abilities of the mind that aids in making the right decisions with the right frame of mind.
Positive attitude

Experts have suggested that simple techniques like expressing gratitude for all good things in life, can bring loads and loads of happiness. We need to make a conscious effort to love everything around us, whether good or bad. Loving all, being thankful and forging ahead with a positive attitude can work wonders on our overall health and appearance.
Laugh aloud

Laughing aloud and often, can make us feel overwhelming and spread good vibes. It helps our heart to function better thereby, allowing us to enjoy the fruits of a long and healthy life. We should ensure that we laugh with our heart, mind and soul, and allow each cell of our body to burst into laughter every day.
forever young meditationCherish health

‘Health is wealth’, and one sure shot way to maintain it in good shape is to keep moving. Inactiveness is the root cause of all diseases and we should ensure that we keep our bodies in a moving state to keep the metabolism rate at optimum levels. Good health can keep our mind and body young.


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