Inner Peace Award!

We have been nominated for another award…! This award was given to us by Meticulousmick and we apologise for having taken some time to accept the award – sometimes life gets a little hectic! Bit ironic really seeing as this is about peace! πŸ˜›

20130703-102658 a.m..jpg

Accepting this award does not require us to give you all more random details about us and our crazy antics or our weird fears…lucky you! However, we will share this nugget of information with you:
We set up this blog as a wholly personal and private venture. We never in a million years expected that anyone else would even want to take a look at the page, never mind receive awards for it! We are sincerely thrilled to be at 90 followers – almost 100 so we’re close to ticking off another item on our To Do List!!!! We would like to thank you all for caring, for reading, and hopefully for laughing at us and our stupidity! We are extremely grateful that you have chosen to follow us and for hopefully allowing us to brighten up your day in some way!

With accepting this award, we do need to nominate three other blogs that deserve this.
And so…. drumroll please…..
We would like to nominate:


Each of these have been nominated for different reasons; for their beauty, for their honesty, and for the way we connect to them.

With love and gratitude,


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