We’re All Going on Our Summer Holidays!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It has been a very busy few weeks in the dont4get2smile2day camp, what with correcting exams and taking over shops, we haven’t had a moment to ourselves! So we are delighted to announce to the world (even though the world may not care in the slightest!) that we are going on a little holiday for ourselves! 🙂 Our bags are packed, our road trip playlist is currently being burned to CDs… Our destination?! No, its not Spain, or Portugal, or Ibiza, its two hours down the road to the beautiful west coast of Ireland! 

We will be sure to take plenty of pictures for you all to be extremely jealous over 😉 

Much Love as always!


3 thoughts on “We’re All Going on Our Summer Holidays!

  1. Take lots of pics of West Cork and have fun. Your blog appears great and I loved the pic of the dog “between banisters”. Hilarious and worth a follow alone. Love the humour, MM

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