The Dangers of Eating Styrofoam

An unusual topic for a post I’m aware, but today, as CR and I had desert at a restaurant, I found little lumps of styrofoam in my food… it was hilarious but extremely strange… So, as you do, I googled the dangers of consuming styrofoam… Yahoo! answers had the following advice for me…

Studies suggest that styrene mimics estrogen in the body and can therefore disrupt normal hormone functions, possibly contributing to thyroid problems, menstrual irregularities, and other hormone-related problems, as well as breast cancer and prostate cancer. The estrogenicity of styrene is thought to be comparable to that of Bisphenol A, another potent estrogen mimic from the world of plastics.Long-term exposure to small quantities of styrene is also suspected of causing:

* low platelet counts or hemoglobin values;
* chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities;
* neurotoxic effects due to accumulation of styrene in the tissues of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, resulting in fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, and other acute or chronic health problems associated with the nervous system.


We debated in the restaurant whether or not we should say it to the staff. In the end I chickened out. We did get photographic evidence though! An interesting picture to keep for our year of fun!

Moral of the story, don’t eat styrofoam, its bad for you! 🙂


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