We Got An Award!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!


Tonight we were nominated for this award by Joan Frankham. You can check out her blog here http://joanfrankham.wordpress.com/ Joan started blogging after retiring in 2012 and has been supporting us since we have started! Thanks Joan! She has some amazing posts from all around the globe and truly is an inspirational woman! Thanks a million Joan! We really appreciate the nomination! 🙂

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog (top).
2. Link back to the person who nominated you 
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things About Us

  1. We, CB & CR, have been friends for the last 4 years. We met at work and have been inseparable since!
  2. We live in Ireland but the goal is to get to Italy at some stage! Dream Destination!!!
  3. CB has a serious obsession with Penguins. It is an honour to be nominated for this award on World Penguin Day! Coincidence?! I think not…!!!!
  4. CR has a fear of people touching her neck… and anything to do with veins…
    (no images allowed here folks, I won’t be able to look at this post if they’re here!!!!)
  5. Upon accepting this award, we decided that we’d take this event very seriously. We are both typing this post, in our kitchen, at 10.50 pm, wearing ball gown dresses and drinking tea!!!!
  6.  We often get mistaken for sisters even though we are in no way related to one another!
  7. Whenever we are together we end up laughing about 90% of the time (which we are doing right now…)

And The Nominees Are…..(in no particular order)

*drumroll please*

  1. http://hoorayforskanks.com/
  2. http://happsters.com/
  3. http://everydaypowerblog.com/
  4. http://5kidswdisabilities.com/
  5. http://loveandlifeproject.com/
  6. http://littlegrowingpains.wordpress.com/
  7. http://theverybesttop10.com/
  8. http://wordsformwindows.com/
  9. http://overstandpodcast.wordpress.com/
  10. http://stillnessofheart.wordpress.com/
  11. http://aopinionatedman.com/
  12. http://eyesthroughtheglass.com/
  13. http://thebettermanprojects.com/
  14. http://paigedoerner.wordpress.com/
  15. http://suehealy.org/

3 thoughts on “We Got An Award!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

  1. Thank you so, so much for this award but I am afraid I have already been nominated for it and attached it to my website, but I still am very grateful for you choosing me and a little bit honoured to have it again so I will follow the rules and pass it on. I hope this is OK.

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