10 Reasons Why We Like The Bad Boys!

After many recent discussion, CR and I have established that there is something absolutely irresistible about men who are 100% bad for us! We seem to love the fact that we’re doing something that we really should be staying well away from. It’s been on both our minds, and seeing as it came up in conversation again today, I’ve decided to do some research…

Whether these are men with a carefree attitude and don’t care who thinks what of them, if they are men who are dangerous and never really think too much when it comes to breaking the rules, or if they’ve done awful things to others (and us) in the past, we seem to just want them… And I have no idea why!

According to the many websites out there, these are the reasons why we like the Bad Boys…

  1. These men seem sexier to women
  2. Their traits may have been similar to those of a woman’s father – she may feel her father may like him more for this
  3. They see these men as someone they can “fix”
  4. The women want adventure (especially if they have come from a really strict family)
  5. They go after what they want with a focus and determination that women find really exciting.
  6. They usually create quite a bit of sexual tension between the man and woman, a boy that’s “nice” has no sex appeal
  7. Women don’t like someone who is “nice” and doesn’t stand up for themselves – this lack of confidence = no passion for what he believes in = no passion in general.
  8. They have an energy that other men just don’t have
  9. A bad boy portrays unabashed masculinity!
  10. “Something about someone being considerate and knowing your middle name just isn’t as sexy as that guy who often ignores you telling you he is not looking for a relationship, then ends up sleeping with you on the couch of his buddy’s apartment.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but some of these ring true to me.. 1, 4, 5,6,7,8, and (even though its terrible to admit it) 10. I feel like an awful person…..!!!! On a more positive note though, our mystery is solved! 🙂

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