Isn’t it amazing how we all always want change?! We’re never content with what we have and it always feels like the grass really is greener everywhere but here!


Take me for instance, I am sitting in my kitchen after a stressful week of teaching, I haven’t moved from this spot in about 2 hours (even though there is a couch about two feet from me which would be much more comfortable!) I’m frozen with the cold and my body is too tired to get up and grab a hoodie!

I’m thinking of how, instead of sitting here leaving my body’s exhaustion take over, I should be sipping cocktails with my best friend… I’m completely jealous of Joan ( who is travelling the world and seeing the most amazing and exotic things! I spent a rather long time staring at beautifully fit and toned women and pleading that I manage to lose 30lbs without any effort – yeah right, like that’ll ever happen!

But, in the midst of all this yearning, I realise that I need to be content with what I have now. So here, I give to you, my gratitude list for today!


I am grateful for….

  1. Having a job in a country where there are no jobs
  2. Having amazing friends who are the most supportive people in the world
  3. That feeling you get in your stomach when you think about someone you like… hello Butterflies!
  4. The feeling of bliss that accompanies an empty house.
  5. My dog – he loves me, never leaves my side when I’m not feeling 100%
  6. Knowing what I don’t want
  7. Losing 21lbs
  8. Putting back on 7lbs – it has motivated me to get my ass in gear! Hopefully lose another 21… (thats almost 30…!)
  9. Technology
  10. My cousin being a beautician, it takes away a little bit of the pain of waxing when you get at least 50% off!
  11. That I have pre-paid for a co-workers make up at my cousin’s salon as a little surprise before she sets off to a wedding tomorrow!
  12. That I am under no pressure to do any prep work for school this weekend
  13. That tomorrows weather forecast is good! Come on Sun… visit Ireland!!!
  14. That I have booked my driving test and will pass it when the time comes (ssssh, this ones a secret!)
  15. This blog, it forces me to think positively… Happy thoughts make a happy person!
  16.  Re-watching the old tv show Boy Meets World. Its making me laugh soooo much! Comedy genius!
  17. The many kind things people have said to me this week.
  18. How well I get on with my brothers… I can’t really imagine life without them!
  19. That my friend who was in Boston left the area that was bombed just minutes before the bombs went off.
  20. Hearing my CR’s voice on the other end of the phone – immediately cheers me up!
  21. Seeing people who truly love each other and having that feeling of excitement knowing that one day that’ll be you!
  22. Talking to my parents and noticing that we are, in some ways, addressing each other as equals in a way that never used to happen.
  23. Being able to trust myself and my own decisions
  24. That the sky is glowing a really cool pink colour right now!
  25. That I am sticking really well to my new food plan! (Adios 30lbs! – note the desperation as well as the sarcasm!)
  26. Hummus… because I like it… yum!
  27. Getting a random phone call from your best friend who lives in another country, telling you yet another story of how he is, in fact, an idiot! ❤
  28. Tea… enough said!
  29. The amazing night I am going to have tomorrow night! Now that will be the night of cocktails! Appletini‘s please!
  30. Not feeling suffocated, tied down, or restricted. My life is mine and mine alone! I can live it as I wish! Go me!!!

So there you have it, 30 reasons why I am grateful for what I have right now. Sure, we all want change, we all have things we’d love to achieve, we’d love to be more confident in ourselves… but hey! You can’t be happy with tomorrow until you’re happy with today! Happy Friday one & all! Have a good one! xxx


One thought on “Change…?

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and link. I can relate to a lot of the 30 reasons, and I fully understand sitting in the kitchen on a hard chair – instead of the couch, trying to warm up. I laughed at number 10, 50% off, does that mean she only does one leg instead of 2 !!

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