How we WILL become famous! ;)

Lists…. why bother?! Unless they’re incredibly fun!

I recently showed CR a book I bought called Listography: your life in lists – a book that I really have a good bit of fun with! The Daily Prompt for today is about lists… so I decided to make a list of how CR and CB could one day make themselves famous!


  1. Send a tape to Ant & Dec of us doing the Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble dance, get invited onto the show and become a worldwide dance sensation!
  2. Submit an even sillier video to Ellen, same process…!
  3. Get this blog to become viral…
  4. Make a book of the different things that we discovered on our smiling journey!
  5. Post many videos on YouTube and get discovered!
  6. Pitch our own TV show to a network… we have a lot to offer the public in terms of entertainment, and we’re willing to do some pretty stupid stuff to make people laugh!
  7. Enter a reality TV competition as a single act (pretty much like Jedward) and let the likes come rolling in!
  8. Marry two famous men
  9. Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing
  10. Audition for extras in movies and go from there….!

I wonder which one we should start with first….



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