The Crazy Super Powers of Music!

We all know its true. There’s no denying that music has, as the title of this post suggests, crazy super powers. Music can change moods, inspire, and inform. It can make you feel down, happy, or calm. Music is one of the most therapeutic things in our whole universe.

Apart from that, I’m always astounded at how a song can make you think of one person, an event, a scenario, or even a whole bunch of memories…  I love how there are times that you never think about until you hear that song and a smile spreads across your face!

For this reason, and because I feel amazing after listening to some music, I thought I’d share my musical memories with you…..

  1. Ho HeyThe Lumineers
    Memory: Driving to Kerry with CR… belting out the song at the top of our lungs and hitting the steering wheel in time with all of the “ho, hey” parts!

  2. Better TogetherJack Johnson
    Memory: Sitting in the social area in school with none other than Mr. C. Healy back when we were about 15 or 16(?!) Seems like only yesterday! 🙂 

  3. All These Things That I Have Done – The Killers
    Memory: The last time I stayed up all night and the person who kept me company. Trying to stay awake at work the following day and feeling like it was actually possible that I could drop dead from exhaustion!
  4. Little Things – One Direction
    Memory: One of the worst nights and worst experiences of my life. But my best friend, CR, someone who is ALWAYS there for me, was waiting for me at her house at 4 in the morning, with candles lighting and this song on replay. I would never have made it through that awful soul-destroying event if it wasn’t for you CR…. Thank you…. I love you xxx
  5. Everything I DoBryan Adams
    Memory: My first boyfriend – this was our song! From when we were 11 and 12, 15 and 16, 19 and 20… to this day it will always remind me of him and how he will always be there for me… My special friend who loves me “a little bit!”

I’ll leave it at 5… cos I could go on and on forever, but those are the first five that came to mind! Leave a comment about your musical memories, we’d love to hear them!

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