Teenage Crushes <3 or </3

To make myself laugh a little I’ve decided to look back on all of the celebs I used to have crushes on as a (young) teenager and make some before and after pics to see whether my raging hormones were making me see the men through rose tinted glasses or whether my brain was actually clued in to these “good looking boys”…

Please do not judge my little teenage heart! I’ve come a long way since! 😛 I hope!


  1. Ryder Strong aka. Shaun Hunter in Boy Meets World

  2. Nick Carter – Backstreet Boys
  3. Calvin GoldspinkS Club Juniors
  4. Shane LynchBoyzone
  5. Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell


Shane Lynch is definitely the most cringeworthy on this list!
Am I wrong or have the majority of them turned out to be handsome men?!

Well done teenage hormones! You’ve made me so proud! 🙂


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