How I’m Feeling…

Ok. Seeing as I’ve managed to become single within the last three days, I’ve noticed a huge shift in emotions. Yesterday wasn’t great, I felt a little like this:

So, today is a little better… I remembered one of these little tips I found at which says “What made you smile today?” and “What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard today?” 

The one thing that comes to mind for me at this moment is when I got this bottle: 

and attempted to do the “I’m pretending to sneeze on someone  joke”.

This is how its  meant to go:

However, when attempting this joke, and please note the word attempt, I had a full bottle… so when I squeezed the bottle and pretended to sneeze I ended up emptying half the contents of the bottle onto the back of my brother’s head!

You can imagine his shock, anger, confusion! I fell to the floor laughing – that uncontrollable laughter that makes you feel so weak that you can’t stand up!

Meanwhile, in my moment of weakness, my brother decided to retaliate and dump a pint of Diet Coke all over me!

I laughed my a$$ off at that…. A Had to Be There moment!  Some good childish fun though!!! 🙂

(I apologise for my inability to tell a story!)


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