10 Reasons Why Its Great to be a Single Pringle!

  1. I can wear girl boxers as I wish….no need to wear sexy lacies ‘just in case’43B48VCRM_normal
  2. I don’t have  to wax….! (even though I know I’ll do it anyway!)
  3. I don’t have to do anything with anyone unless I’m in the mood for it!!!
  4. I can talk to anyone I want to and not be interrogated afterwards!
  5. I can meet new people!
  6. It keeps me young! Yesterday was fun and full of energy! I went for a picnic, ran around like a child…. I don’t sit around acting like someone twice my age! My twenties are meant to be crazy, stupid, and full of fun!
  7. I am less likely to get hurt! Stay single, keep your friends around you, date and live life – just keep the heartache to a minimum.
  8. I don’t have to feel guilty for doing things that enjoy because he doesn’t like/approve!
  9. I can be myself!
  10. I can spend all the time in the world with my friends and never feel guilty! We can chat up guys in bars using our famous chat up line… we can lounge on the couch watching Friends… we can spends days on the phone every half and hour… we can be the life and soul of the party again!
    images  images     images

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