Damn Straight! ;)

Here is something I stumbled across this morning that made me realise I’m doing the right thing!

Nothing like a good ole sign from the Universe to let me know I’m going in the right direction!


Settling in love makes my entire being hurt. I was close once, close to settling down with a guy who didn’t excite me or challenge me. I could have stayed with him and been safe, stable, and even loved but I would have been miserable without the passion I craved. Don’t play it safe in love. Don’t worry about the heartache that may result. Don’t worry about the things other people think you should have in a partner.  Date outside your “norm”. That guy that has been on the sidelines, constant and supportive, give him a shot. Dare to fall for the guy who defies all logic.

I cannot stress enough that love is what makes this world go round. Well, love, coffee, and badass determination, but still, love. Don’t waste a single minute loving the wrong person because you don’t want to let other people down, hurt feelings, or admit you made a mistake. You deserve the love, understanding, and passion you’ve always dreamed was out there. This doesn’t mean leaving the one you are with…it could mean reigniting fires or discussing your needs. No matter what it takes…find or create the love you always wished for.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 


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